Design = Art
Design = Problem solving
Great design is the result of a deep dive into the client's business problems and research into user problems that can be solved with analyzed solutions.
I always dive deeply into the problem and "speak the language" of arguments
Thoughtful visual engineering,
underlined meanings, right accents
I create projects using minimalistic and trendy European design, that helps to solve problems and make your project look professional and functional on digital.
and clean minimalism
Life of your project
Process — 01
Discuss & Analytics
Сollect all the valuable information about your project. We analyze your industry in digital, your competitors and understand how to stand out.
Design in Figma
We discuss the design style in advance and make it based on the references.
Determine the order of blocks and UX components. Try to make the information convenient for your customers to perceive.
Layout on Tilda Publishing
Transfer design to Tilda Publishing platform with animation and adaptive.

Yaroslav Golyev, 27

About me — 02
Web UX/UI Designer / Almaty, Kazakhstan / Caspian University / Tildoshnaya / Websites / Prototyping / Figma-Tilda
Clients— 03
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I prefer to talk in whatsapp or telegram, but you can choose any comfortable way for you.
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It's always dark under the lighthouse.
Old Japanese Proverb.
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